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Selenium and hoof trimming 

Since we live in a selenium deficiency area, we give our goats a dose of selenium and vitamin E once a month that ensures the health and well being of our goats. It is very important to give a proper selenium dose, too much is a bad thing! Selenium is necessary! Believe it or not, it helps goats to reproduce, lactate, give birth, urinate, and have properly functioning muscles! There are so many benefits to giving selenium. We also will be trimming hooves which helps keep them from over growing and allowing them to walk properly. You can also examine for contagious diseases such as hoof rot/scald. founder/laminitis. Or hoof abscesses.


We currently don't have any Milk for sale as we only have a few does in milk, producing only about 600 ml a day. We will let you know when we will have some pasteurized goats Milk available for local sales only. Most likely will be available next kidding. Our next scheduled breeding is October 30, where our buck will be with the healthy and mature ladies for two months to insure all does are successfully bred.

Fresh Cow Milk

Reducing numbers

We have made the heart breaking decision to let some of our does go, mainly because we are not getting as much milk as we had hoped, but also so we can reduce some numbers. And even though it was a tough decision to make as we love and care for our fur babies so much, it is a part of farming. So you will see some of our does up for discussion on our Facebook page. But don't worry, we also have some new arrivals coming soon so stay in touch!!

Strawberry Picking

Even though we don't sale any fruits or vegetables, we have been busy working in the garden as well. We are pleased to announce that our two year old strawberry patch is finally taking off and producing enough strawberries for all my children to enjoy 😉 hopefully there will be enough to make strawberry jam 😋 

Farm 1
Farm 2

New arrivals 

That's right folks, we are making some changes on the farm and preparing a space for some new arrivals! Can anyone guess what it or they might be 🤭😄? I promise you'll be surprised 😮 or maybe it's to be expected 😉 pictures coming soon on our Facebook page!

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